Hivecell is the premiere Platform as a Service for edge computing

We are the ONLY Complete edge Solution at scale that offers the ease of the cloud at 50% less cost.

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Keep under budget

How? Provision, monitor and update remotely with a push of a button.

  • Zero Ops
  • Zero Tech
  • Zero Truck Rolls
  • Zero Growing Pains

Zero Ops

Push button ready.

Imagine; thousands of locations provisioned, monitored and updated from one central dashboard.
Our patented provisioning system makes it possible.

Hivecell’s management system allows one central location to provision, monitor and update complex distributed frameworks like Kubernetes, Kafka and VMware remotely with the touch of a button.

The dashboard shows as much or as little detail as you want.

From a network level view down to an individual location or cluster with the click of a button.


Zero Tech

With traditional edge compute, installing and maintaining compute at thousands of locations would require an army of technicians.

Not Hivecell.

Anyone can install- no technical experience required.

Take out of the box, plug-in power and ethernet, and turn-on.

Everything else is handled remotely.

If a Hivecell fails...No Problem
Hivecell immediately ships a replacement. Simply unstack the failed Hivecell and restack the replacement and turn-on.

It is that simple!

Bee_farm - Copy

Zero Truck Rolls.

With traditional edge compute; installing, provisioning, maintaining and updating at thousands of locations would require a convoy of truck rolls.

..and it is the truck rolls that kill a budget, but they won’t tell you that.

Zero Growing Pains

Need more compute power or storage, just stack another Hivecell on the Hive and turn on.

No additional cables needed.

Hivecell passes power and compute through the our patented Baranovskyi connectors

It is just that easy.

Hivecell has got your backup.

Hivecell has built-in battery back-up and WiFi, so compute power is not interrupted. Plus, every node in the stack has an encrypted backup copy of your data - no partition is lost, even if a malfunction happens.

No uninterrupted power supply (UPS) needed.

No additional routers needed.


Hivecell is a Solution:

Hivecell is the only true end-to-end edge solution for businesses with thousands of locations. Everyone else is either hardware or software, which makes them just part of the problem.


  • Provisioning system
  • Monitoring system
  • Updating system
  • OS Support
  • Framework support (ESXi, Kubernetes,
    Kafka, etc.)


  • Stackable servers for the edge
  • Designed for containers and AI/ML
  • ARM + GPU
  • Built in routing + power
  • Built in wifi + battery backup
  • Lightweight (3.0 lbs)
  • Small footprint (8.5 x 7.0 x 2.5 in)
  • Low Power (10-15 Watts)

A solution for every industry

Manufacturing: Factory Floor

Demand for distributed compute and machine learning models on the factory floor to process sensor data is rapidly growing. Hivecell is the ideal platform for deploying and continually evolving distributed frameworks anywhere in your facility. Need high availability? Stack two or more Hivecells together. Need to expand compute or storage? Simply stack another Hivecell.  Hivecell’s…

Quick Service Restaurant Chains: Smart Kitchens

The smart kitchen is a reality. Friers, freezers, coffee makers, grills, cameras and point of sale operations produce endless amounts of valuable data relating to performance and maintenance. This data is the key to untapped efficiency. Hivecell provides a complete platform to take advantage of all this raw data at a fraction of the cost…

Petrochemicals: Oil Rigs/ Refineries/ Drill Sites

A typical oil rig has 30,000 sensors generating massive data, but less than one percent of that data is currently being used for decision making. This data can increase production efficiency, as well as, protect human life and the environment. Without Hivecell, it would take 12 days to move just one day’s worth of data…

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